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According to numbers published by the World Health Organization an estimated 2.9 billion people lack access to proper sanitary facilities, particularly in rapidly growing urban areas and in rural areas of developing nations. Even in those areas where adequate sanitary facilities are available, the majority of the wastewater is often treated insufficiently or is not treated at all. Furthermore, industrial, commercial and agricultural businesses add their contaminant-laden wastewater. Subsequent pollution of ground and surface water results in dramatic health hazards. Many existing wastewater treatment plants are running inadequately, inefficiently or not at all.


Wastewater Management at the Academy

Adequate wastewater management is one of the foundations of functioning infrastructure. This refers to public sewage treatment plants as well as the treatment of effluent at manufacturing businesses. The design opportunities range from raw water cycles to heat generation utilizing effluent and bio-solids, and present comprehensive technological possibilities with a focus on ecological sustainability, optimal efficiency and maximum cost savings. The seminar program at the International Environment Academy Hof features topics such as wastewater treatment plant equipment (agitators, pumps, aerators, bio-filter, tank and plant construction, sludge disposal), wastewater pump systems and wastewater lifting systems, as well as domestic wastewater systems, sewer systems, manholes and backflow traps. But in our seminar program you will also find subjects such as sewer inspection, impermeability testing and water analysis as elementary focal points of functioning wastewater disposal.




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