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Renewable Energy


Renewable energy resources stand for decreased dependence on fossil fuels and nuclear power. Rising crude oil prices, the unstable supply situation, the foreseeable depletion of fossil fuels worldwide, as well as nations planning the phase-out of using nuclear power for energy production, reinforce the quest for high-performance alternatives for energy generation. Earth itself offers an almost inexhaustible energy supply.  In employing state-of-the-art technology these energy sources may be utilized nationwide and highly efficiently with barely any negative environmental impact.







Geothermal and Solar Energy

One of the core areas of the seminars offered at the Environment Academy is the topic of hydro, geothermal and solar energy generation. Each one of these fields may substantially contribute to satisfying the ever increasing energy and heat consumption. In addition, other aspects of superior nature, such as potentials and evaluation of renewable energy sources will be dealt with during the seminars.



Planning and construction of geothermal plants require state-of-the-art technological competence and specialized expertise. Particularly the impact on water horizons and rock strata within the subsoil are to be taken into account. The efficiency of plants is more so dependent on the technological development status rather than the initial cost. The different seminars held at the International Environment Academy address topics such as expert reconnaissance and planning, construction of drilling equipment and geothermal drilling; geothermal probes, -collectors or energy piles; brine circuit manifold manholes, heat pumps and solar thermal systems. The differentiation of pumps and plants / systems is, for instance a critical element in evaluating the economic viability and efficiency.






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