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Without water man cannot survive. We need water resources for potable water, for hygiene, for agricultural cultivation and in numerous areas of our economy. Water resources, however, are distributed unevenly throughout the world and large areas on earth are dealing with water scarcity. Merely sound actions and reasonable investments will ensure adequate future water supply and water quality.  The essential premise for necessary steps is obtaining comprehensive knowledge about ongoing developments in water technology.



Securing Water as a Resource

Water as a precious resource is becoming increasingly scarce in large parts of the word.  Not only consumption per person is rising, but the earth’s population has reached the 7 billion mark. Natural eco-systems are reaching their limits. Hydrologic cycles are severely jeopardized. Therewith this matter has become a global challenge. It is imperative for institutions as well as businesses to safeguard water resources and to identify and efficiently manage the cost factor water supply.



The Seminar Program “Water”

The seminars offered at the International Environment Academy Hof face up to this challenge. Only by employing the latest and most highly adapted technology and sustainable solutions may these global problems be solved. Core topics for our seminars include the considerable increase in efficiency with respect to water use and its environmentally-friendly extraction, as well as distribution and disposal of water. As our seminar participants you will benefit from receiving hands-on knowledge by our expert lecturers. The contents of the lectures are presented in a comprehensible way and may be tailored to your needs.



The businesses and institutions of our network offering seminars within our Academy program feature extraordinary expertise in the field ‘potable water’. The spectrum ranges from reconnaissance and planning, to drilling and pump systems for water extraction and transport from river, spring or lake, and to well rehabilitation.

Our seminar program also includes components such as drill technology, elevated tanks, water treatment technology, plant construction and turnkey systems for water extraction. In addition, our network partners are prepared to discuss their experience with specific developments within the scope of pipe-, drainage-, percolation-systems and restraint and storage systems.





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